Discover Utrecht from the beautiful canals!


Do you want to rent a sup or canoe in Utrecht? That’s possible at Kano Huren Utrecht! 

Utrecht has many waterways wich make Utrecht one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands. We even think the most beautiful! You can choose between lots of routes wich lead you to the old centrum or the beautiful nature of Utrecht!

You can hire different types of canoes and even supboards, so anybody can join!

Our location is almost next to Utrecht Central, there is also a big parking lot nearby. Ofcourse there is plenty of room to park your bike.

See you at the water!


Rent a canoe for just per hour!

Rent a sup for just per hour!

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Prices rental canoe & sup Utrecht 2021

 2 hour3 hour4 hour5 hour
Supboard €18,-€27,-€36,-€45,-
Canoe (1 person)€12,-€18€24,–€30,-
Familycanoe (2+2 persons)€24,-€36,-€48,-€60,-
Children’s canoe (max 50 kg)€10,-€15,-€20,-€25,-


Supping and canoeing are both watersports so there is a change you’ll get wet. A canoe has a bit more balance than a sup. You can always leave your valuables or other stuff at de depot. We will take care of it!

Yes ofcourse. Just add them in your basket. 🙂

No, you’re completely free on the water. You can go your own way. The routes only lead you along the beautiful places of Utrecht.

No, after a good instruction everybody can paddle trough Utrecht.

Fully depends on you. If you like to go very fast then you will get tired. But you can go your own pace.

Yes you can! You can add a free waterproof bag to your reservation so you can bring your phone or other valuables.

First of all your sport or swim wear. Next to that a towel and some dry clothes, just in case!:)  Also dont forget sunburn and a bottle of water. you also can buy these things at our place.

Age does not matter, if under supervision. 

Without supervision you have to be 16 years or older to rent a canoe or sup.

In both cases you must have a swimming diploma.